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- Learn to Use English -

WELCOME to Our Home Page!

Hello my name is Frank and welcome to our Web Page. This web-site is for those students who truly desire to learn English for the purpose of advancing in today's international environment.

We, Akiko and I, offer a unique style of learning English to those who are truely interested in learning the English language. We have been in the English teaching business since 1985 and have taught various groups of students, from pre-school age to adults. Presently, we help students of all ages. We understand your needs and are able to assist you in gaining confidence in using the English language.

We, do however, offer a special program for those who are in the business world and need specific attention. The business world holds many unique situations, one of them is the English language. Many international proposals, contacts, offers and counter-offers, and other demanding communications are conducted in English. Contact us, we can help.

Please look through our Web-site. We think you will enjoy it. Thank you for visiting and please feel free to contact us.

LOOKING at learning English aboard in the U.S.A? We can provide a personalized service in helping you enroll into college in the United States. We specialize in the Los Angeles Metro area.

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090-6946-1900 and ask for FRANK or AKIKO


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